Backwoods Small Batch 001 (Gold Edition)



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These a Backwoods Cigars Small Batch 001 come in a wooden box. This packaging format is ideal for those who want to purchase these wonderful cigars as a gift. Browse our range of BACKWOODS PRODUCTS and you will discover that we have ALL BACKWOODS FLAVORS that you need.

Backwoods Cigars has released a new product called Small Batch 001, and it has created a buzz among cigar enthusiasts. This limited edition line is make from hand-select, premium tobaccos that have been age to perfection. The wrapper is a robust Connecticut Broadleaf, which is know for its rich flavor and smooth texture. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, providing a complex and well-balance smoking experience. Each cigar is carefully craft by skilled rollers, ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

What sets Small Batch 001 apart from other Backwoods products is its attention to detail and high-quality tobacco blend. This limited edition line is meant to appeal to the more discerning smoker who appreciates a good cigar. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper adds depth and complexity to the blend, while the Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers provide a unique flavor profile that is both rich and balance. The size of the cigar is also noteworthy, as it is slightly larger than traditional Backwoods cigars, allowing for a longer smoke without sacrificing flavor.

Overall, Backwoods Cigars Small Batch 001 is a successful foray into the world of premium cigars. The attention to detail and use of high-quality tobacco make this limited edition line stand out among the competition. Cigar aficionados who enjoy a complex and well-balance smoking experience will appreciate the unique flavor profile that Small Batch 001 offers.


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