Beech-nut Chewing Tobacco Wintergreen


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Beech-nut Chewing Tobacco Wintergreen

Pouches of 85 Grams of Chewing tobacco.

About Loriallard Tobacco Company

The company is named after Pierre Abraham Lorillard, who founded the company in 1760. In 1899, the American Tobacco Company organized a New Jersey corporation, called the Continental Tobacco Company, that took a controlling interest in many small tobacco companies. By 1910, James Buchanan Duke controlled Lorillard and the American Tobacco Company even as it kept its original name. In 1911, the U.S. Court of Appeals found the American Tobacco Company “in restraint of trade,” and issued a Dissolution Decree to the American Tobacco Company, which created the opportunity for Lorillard to become an independent company again. The same year they purchased the Murad brand.

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85 Gram Pouch Of Chewing Tobacco, Box OF 12 85 Gram Pouches


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