Cignature Natural Leaf Cigars, 8 packs of 5, Banana




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CIGNATURE NATURAL LEAF CIGARS are new on the market and are back by various rapper.  Cignature Banana is back by MoneyBagg Yo, who is an Atlanta Based Rapper and Banana a popular flavor among smoking enthusiast as of late. Many brands start carrying this flavor after it was re-introduce to the market by backwoods.

 Cignature Natural Leaf Cigar are a unique and luxurious cigar brand that offers a unique smoking experience. These cigars are hand-roll with a blend of the finest Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, and are wrapped in a beautiful, natural leaf wrapper. The cigars are available in a variety of sizes, from the traditional Churchill to the smaller Corona. Cignature Natural Leaf Cigar are sure to provide a smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable smoking experience. With their unique blend of tobaccos and natural leaf wrapper, Cignature Natural Leaf Cigar are sure to become a favorite among cigar aficionados.


Premium cigars made with natural leaves.


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