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If you’re looking for an original and delicious cigar, you should try this one: Limited Edition BACKWOODS COGNAC XO. The cigars are machine-roll and feature a fantastic flavor profile. They are make using an excellent blend of tobacco and are available in a variety of size and pack. The best price on BACKWOODS CIGARS on the internet and in selected cigar shops.

The cognac is characterize by a deep scent that creates the wooded ambience. The aromas of dried fruits and spices are follow by a lengthy final. This blend is popular by those who like rich, full-bodied cigars. It’s also extremely smooth making it simple to enjoy smoky smoke. This cigar isn’t for those who aren’t confident.


In 1986, the BACKWOODS Cognac XO Cigars is a limited edition cigar that was make with aged tobaccos , and a band specially design . The cigars were available in four different sizes for ring.  Here are some details on the various sizes. They’re medium-bodie to full-bodied and have a deep aroma and taste.

This cigar is a real delight and is not to be not missed! It has a wrapper infused with cognac These cigars are silky soft and offer a wonderful smoke. Be conscious that cigars you purchase in the present are not likely to be exactly the same as the ones make earlier.

Must be 21 years or older to purchase and smoke these cigars.


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